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Versace, Versace, Sobriety on my like I'm Luminah-tee!! 1 year..

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da_maddest_hatter 1379399514
@royceda59 Congrats and Salute my G!!! Motivating and Inspiring!
libreeo 1379926618
billnobudd 1381375210
@drewdamoci siiick
dame191 1381623495
Congrats bro 1 day at a time...
shaixvii 1381657484
congrats royce!!
newquibble6 1381719646
@royceda59 PROPS! That's a tough ass thing to deal with! Hopefully more rappers can A) Stay Sober and B) Stay Super-Lyrical!! That's what's up Nickel!!!!
mrsonnythabull 1381888750
Dame dude I would of never guessed you are sober. I've got made love for you homeboy. Keep up the good work. And also (take it one day at a time )
justcallmebuck_ 1382043675
It works if u work it! My grand ma was in AA for 35 yrs until she past
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