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Paul Rodriguez

Photo from prod84

Here's some footage that was in one of my "LIFE" episodes. Vid by @danabadi

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Paul Rodriguez
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bigears_lua 1383795898
Prod is way better @lol ly_villegaaas
cjobin2001 1384376742
The Plan B team is the most awesome skaters ever to live they are my inspiration to skate but personally Danny Way is my favorite but I wish I could get one of his boards cheap , but until then I skate P Rod and Ryan's decks
mongospensy 1386041982
Orange cove getting some love... Dope park... But it is sooo empty now... No one is ever there
havie124 1386209877
_topramen 1393466672
I'm from there (:
therealdcastro 1397160678
therealdcastro 1397160687
@devildogwarrior @bigworm805
emiliorahme 1397294821
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