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Locking into a Madollie Tailslide on the 7 foot at the Skate Park of Houston, 1989. Alan Bergman and Kenny Wood are on the deck. This was one of my favorite ramps at SPOH, and I'd regularly session it with Chad Douglas (R.I.P.) and Billy Pennington. I swear Lori Peltier's ramp has some of this Exact metal on it! (see photo I posted the other day) #skateparkofhouston #skatepark #madollie #danmacfarlane #shutupandskate #tailslide #skateboarding #skateordie

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Dan MacFarlane
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viii_and_bongman 1378852463
Haha! You're Welcome @danmacfarlane. MadOllie Tailslide is Sick👊
danmacfarlane 1378907562
@viii_and_bongman one of my favorite ramp tricks to do.
420bluntkiller 1380080078
I remember going there in 94 and it was all closed up. Sad
danmacfarlane 1380129763
@420bluntkiller yeah, Dennis Eppinette sold it that year.
420bluntkiller 1380149312
Nice youtube video
danmacfarlane 1380166235
Which one @420bluntkiller
alvnck 1382982119
Whats a "MadOllie" tailslide?
danmacfarlane 1383026553
@alvnck it's a trick invented by Danny Way, basically a no handed "Madonna". Or in other words, a Ollie to Tailslide with the front foot kicked behind you.
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