Photo from downsouthinhell

For those who know .. Triangle skware maka lassi

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jake_skater 1388596631
Shiiiit I'm trying to get down online add me jake_skater3
defilio 1388613558
@dsr_4_life that's what I think to
olegjuvsland 1389430428
Do you play cod? @downsouthinhell
ollieski77 1396095014
halia_hiilawe 1398152458
Flip trick + grind or grind flip out @downsouthinhell
natehawes 1400263803
@dsr_4_life you don't need NA or AA to live a clean life, all you need is skateboarding. Keeps me off the dope and keeps me happy and free!!
__snitzel__ 1402946133
Grind to kickflip @downsouthinhell
@superluckyaustincat totally sacred geometry!
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