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Tony Hawk

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I learned a new trick the other day; you can see it on @ridechannel. Unrelated: I'm 45. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMrGuY5dyWA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Tony Hawk
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ilyasse_skate34 1378474981
smittyb13 1378477103
@tonyhawk ya well I saw your 45 yr old ass rocking the F out of your vert ramp here in Calgary this summer!!! 45 shmorty-five! Can't wait to see a backside 720 when you're 60!!!
bhindzlens 1378479139
Never seen a 45 year old's head bounce of the flat like yours. You can take it man... #thebestintheworld
fb.gabe 1378504362
I hate you :| @tonyhawk @trippychappy
ibisvool 1378564404
crazy_fella24 1378591002
Dude your still the best skater out there!!
musickillsmary 1379091330
@tonyhawk i'm not surprised, it's you ;)
gian22_4 1379106365
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