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Lizard King

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FUCK YES!!!!!666

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Lizard King
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na_pv 1378325766
Black sabbath is to never be forgotten
alexblindatl 1378325978
Fuck yea! Sabbath or fuck you! And yea sabbath is the shit! @bjoern_666skate666
na_pv 1378326224
If your not a fan, well then piss right off.. Bitch
purpfloyd 1378331856
Dude hell yeah everytime I look at other pro skaters instas it's always gay bull shit like the concerts Atiba goes to. Thank god Sabbath is the motha fucking shit
c_keyes 1378332990
Saw them in Virginia couple months back. One of my favorites an best concert I been too. Fuck yeah!
white_thrash_666 1378334852
Saw them in toronto they killed it!! Wasn't that close tho @bigbizliz
happy_dazed 1378335838
Just saw tommy iommi at LAX. Oh yeah!!!!
j_bol 1378342755
Fuck yeah! Just seen them in Jersey. I wish Bill was there..
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