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Tony Hawk

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I first saw @nineinchnails in 1990 during Pretty Hate Machine tour, and I have enjoyed @treznor's music ever since. Tonight I saw a small, live NIN show celebrating the release of Hesitation Marks. The excitement & energy paralleled that of my first concert at Bacchanal. So glad we are both doing what we love 20+ years later. "Back at the beginning"

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Tony Hawk
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kurtiswithakay 1378338488
tlemco 1378338928
Look how many people would rather record a low-quality video on their phone than enjoy an incredible live performance. Arg!
64allstate 1378342827
Music is a powerful thing
justb72777 1378348022
I doubt that many ppl were on their phones during the performance 20 years ago
jwmanchester 1378349965
I forgot how hot and sweaty it was there.
instapuck 1378352704
Same year first NIN show, this tour looks amazing
timistops 1378405800
Look at everybody watching the show through their phone screens. Just enjoy the show. Live in the now.
saculdier 1378559577
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