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John Rattray

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I know what you're thinking, this is a glove box.

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John Rattray
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ratt_ray 1378232964
ratt_ray 1378233281
I don't envy your imagination @ryanallan
toymachinesockteam 1378237087
ratt_ray 1378259895
Haha, depends who you ask. @dontforgetthecannoli
ratt_ray 1378261641
I may have something to contribute @sweatypets I'll email you within the next 49 hrs.
yung_gobshite 1378334803
@ratt_ray I love your skating and everything dude, learnt staple guns and can openers and river dances. Your such a funny guy and an inspiration to skateboarding
ratt_ray 1378337985
Thanks @tom_masseyy I'm hyped to hear that. Keep shredding!
yung_gobshite 1378359257
@ratt_ray hey, is it possible for you to send me an autograph? Your my skateboarding idol and it would mean the world
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