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Nyjah Huston

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This spot was sketchy! @cyril_killa tried to skate it and his board landed in human💩 haha #dcasiatour2013

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Nyjah Huston
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aboveboardskatepark 1378446605
If you're ever in North Carolina, come check us out!
mnazliq 1378723172
@nyjah_huston are you goofy or regular?
golfwang___kta 1378730087
He Regular IThink @muhdnazliq , Go To His Skate Park Of Tampa Profile Or Street Leauge
mnazliq 1378730770
@ofwgkta_876 I from Malaysia so far to go skate park of Tampa .
_hollywoodswangin 1378868390
He is goofy footed
_kev__g 1379028683
He was talking about the website. @muhdnazliq
jacobprivett1 1379875413
Nyjahs goofy dumbass @ofwgkta_876
abelfonseca 1382336979
damn I wish I was as good as you 😞
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