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These limited edition hand screened and signed @flipskateboards #battlecommander decks are already sold out. #thankyou. If you would like to see the behind the scenes video talking about the process and idea behind the design then head over to the berrics.com

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Geoff Rowley
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billkenn3dy 1378159102
Next one for sure
captainpajama 1378162694
Happy labor day @geoffrowley
emazambello 1378167626
mr_jebus 1378170511
Love that board
samvilla23 1378171913
These are sick @k0ralreefer
koralreefer 1378172077
@samvilla23 you got style son, bout ta order them for my next deck
llanboyo 1378328919
Is there anywhere you can still get your grim reaper deck ive been wanting it for years since my last one but can never find it
io_jason_oi 1378919806
Hand done screening? Is that the old school process? Sounds sick... Anything hand made is much more meaningful an lost the time a far better peoduct
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