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Tony Hawk

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Here are kids left to their own devices in the backyard; @milesgizmo with the classic ender.

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Tony Hawk
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annacoxyy 1378107455
@wallkandy why don't we have a skatepark in our garden?
unsuspened 1378118493
It's a pool
lights_out17 1378155012
chrisrobertson_ 1378173433
@tonyhawk do you prefer pool coping or metal round coping? I guess you would call it that
naes6337 1378295607
e.b._extremly_boss 1378566091
Teach me to do that
anastasia.nasturro 1380157244
Uh, mibuttefli maybe this couch IS ready for the dump. For all you know the fricking springs are popping out. haha. Tony is a great role model. I wouldn't be worrying about what he or his kids do with their furniture. Geez.
masonbarlow 1383986928
@tonyhawk he should prob wear a helmet.. Just got a concussion from not wearing one
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