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Paul Rodriguez

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Dorking around in the streets today. Photo: @heathmoe

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Paul Rodriguez
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marioskate3 1378754127
Hey @prod84 do u remember me I said that if u know my cousin Stevie Perez :)
buymebeer 1378796222
Its weird to not see you skating switch lol
pastrana362 1378871411
@heatherdewar damn I've seen you on some other comments of prods , you would straight fuck him and be a home wrecker of his beautiful girlfriend huh ?
nico_place 1380836560
U are literally the best skater i look up to u paul
joshymura 1380977866
I wish I could meet you in NYC one day and get a prayer from you since God listens to you and answers too
fredsternonsense 1383522743
dabtothedome 1384822470
@joshua9014 lolololol you serious?
samdako_ 1385627411
Nicest rail.
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