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Max Schaaf

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Rip the Oakland side of the bay bridge. Been crossing this bridge since I was 3. Referred to as the "ugly side" so there for long ago I got the ugly side tattooed on my arm. Finished in 1936...Till 2013. The demo crew was hovering like vultures tonight. Little Sara and I rode across there and back twice.... Gassed up and did it again. We were one of the last people to cross it on bikes.. They even had the lights out on the lower deck. Totally surreal. Ill never cross that span again..... Ever. #rip #baybridge #oakland #4Q #uglyside

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Max Schaaf
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rollriver 1378265164
Rip skyline of our lives!
coreyduffel 1378406546
Went across is last night. Very strange. You nailed it here
4q69 1378407687
@wcoreyduffel it makes you almost not know how to feel. If that makes sense.
mamawolf00 1379359882
@4q69 this is really beautiful
4q69 1379447872
@mamawolf05 thanks
reece.zylstra 1390234307
First time I rode trains out west, the Oakland side was one of the first places we ended up. Used to be kind of a hobo hangout there. RIP.
badrubbish 1393486275
This warmed my heart. Thank you.
8bitbeatbox 1396234307
@unaalee ira
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