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Max Schaaf

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Bideo. Bolume on. Was having the best day... Learned lame little madonnas on the ramp..... Then spun a 540 where I came down completely on my thigh onto the coping which them cartwheeled me into the ramp. #dowhatyouloveandletitkillyou #bedazzledcane #notjusthangingaround #4q

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Max Schaaf
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4q69 1378668178
@brandonlasko and thanks
brandonlasko 1378668260
@4q69 that's good to hear. Hope to see you soon and best of luck on a quicker recovery in the next couple of days
chany1 1379477743
Sick ! Im trying to learn them to down here, scared of hanging up on the 5s to! @4q69
brandonlasko 1379575756
@4q69 how's the leg max? Missed you at the session today
dragonaut707 1383901242
The good shit. @paw667 @jabrock87
conehellsalms 1385856404
All around awesome video @4q69
speed_club 1400038002
✋⚡️👻 hi-5 ghost was here!
el_capitan_93 1422517868
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