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Paul Rodriguez

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An afternoon sw frontside flip at the LES park. Photo by @shanejoneill

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Paul Rodriguez
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richard_mckinnon 1378341531
I don't know if your really gonna read this PRod but I live in upstate NY and have traveled to NYC only three times in my life. All of them were for skateboarding. The first time I went I skated LES and had a blast. You went there two days after I left. I was saddened. Same exact thing happened to me here with this trip this photos from. I left two days before you guys all came down. I'm not complaining. Just expressing my broken heart.
wonjilson 1379381089
@scabbynoodles dis in new yak!
scabbynoodles 1379381195
COME 😭 @wonjilson
3y3zt3ca 1379640173
Were you scared whenever it came to do sets? Like your first time @prod84
chrispauwels 1379963644
@boom_koleon look familiar?
coach__cole 1379964972
@chrispauwels coolest part of the trip
zoocrew93 1380001821
Reppin NYC that's what's up.
joshsgeller 1387738582
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