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What happened to Rosa? And does anyone have every cover of issue #7 there were 9, right @seancliver @rickkosick

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Don Brown


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seancliver 1377237218
@don_brown chet thomas! thanks for filling in my synaptic blank.
buildafire 1377242786
@don_brown The TWS/Slap/Thrasher were on the back, eight different back covers too.
randymcbowler 1377284582
northerntrainee 1378243563
Wasn't their a Pancho Moler (sp?) cover to? Early on?
don_brown 1378244106
Yes @northerntrainee !!
northerntrainee 1378276065
Tod Swindell kick flipping a hip covered in paint ..
collectivesas 1379048466
Wasn't there a "where's rosa" blurb in TWS or TSM a while back? @don_brown ?
don_brown 1379048578
I think there was @collectivesas ... Word is she's a teacher now!!
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