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Paul Rodriguez

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Off to Jersey. #streetleague

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Paul Rodriguez
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bayar_dgk 1380001833
Where can I buy that p rod 8 !? They look sexy @prod84
david.macedo 1383679511
#socksandsandals :D
dgkskater19 1385778622
He left plan b , were ever you are I wish you luck your my idol and your in your prime you make me keep skating so I wish u the best @prod84 :from @dgkskater19
ayealyx 1389701983
lmao y'all got the same taste 😎 @_davidelgado_
theimaginaryman 1391911362
@bayar_dgk thats a slide sandal dude the prod 8s just got leaked there is no way in hell that those are it
lucas_caldwell 1401746728
@zack_devers he gave s many hints on @primitiveskate he has the stickers right on his boards and all his other ones 2
zae_thoven 1401771433
@luca_caldwell there was primitive before the decks they had there own shop and clothing brand
polako99 1409091232
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