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Don Brown

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If you hit someone in the face with your beer... Make sure you finish what's left in the bottle...Nice work @eladio_otdubs ... and nice work @nutmegk for keeping the smile :)

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Don Brown
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robertbrink 1377141045
@airguitar_0 bahahhaahah
jeremyramey 1377143556
@eladio_otdubs nice one buddy!!
pas_skate 1377144128
Ahah good one guys @eladio_otdubs
tylerarei 1377145747
@nutmegk So what happened here?
ofad 1377146073
I was there, this was a great moment in sole tech history
maryosborne 1377147279
@eladio_otdubs wtf Aren't u my neighbor????
nutmegk 1377191021
@tylerarei you know how it goes - three people on the dance floor and one is bound to eventually get smacked in the face with a beer bottle 😄
tylerarei 1377192254
@nutmegk LOL. Never known that to happen. Hope you're alright though?
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