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Over 20 years ago Dave Hatchett rode this line. No one had ever ridden a 60 degree face in powder. Dave was told by his crew that he would die if he attempted it. He broke down barriers that day and changed the way we look at the mountains. Here @rylandbell follows in the footsteps of one of his heroes and mentors and fulfills his dream of someday riding #mendenhalltowers. Pic #joshdirksen #firstdescentsmatter #davehatchett #standardfilms #carbonflagship.

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Jones Snowboards
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skeeno215 1377126416
Holy steep.
bludweiser 1377134575
The whole run must be seen to realize the hazard. Very long and steep above exposure the entire ride
jackylew_ 1377134709
trouthustler 1377137126
The movie lines catches all the action step by step in an unbelievable documentary fashion, this face is legendary! Just as @jonessnowboards thank you all in that movie for all you've done for the sport we love.
curtiswoodman 1377141668
Big ups @rylandbell Soo insane!
chris.sproul 1377168118
Man that's the best, totally insane face
anikulapu 1382074732
Now who will ride the skiers left spine of mordor!?!?
ak_morganics 1403388798
Best post ever! Nice work @rylandbell @jonessnowboards @davidhatchett
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