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Max Schaaf

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First thing turn your ringer on for sound. I've never done one of these instabrag video things but years ago I'd put little through the handle bars videos on my blog all the time. See em everywhere now... So thought I'd give it a roll. This is from Saturdays lil 150 mile northern calif coast jaunt. Oakland,Petaluma,Bodega,Pt. Reyes, Bolinas, Oakland. #4q #oakland #You #0originality thanks @dklaj not one problem with bike aside from cops.

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Max Schaaf
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I love The Zombies
borntolurkftw 1399352906
I live in Petaluma and just started riding about 9 months ago. I've always wanted a bike and finally saved enough and got me one. Riding around the country a side and on the 1 is an amazing feeling. Defiantly a lifer πŸ™πŸš²πŸ’¨, not to fan out, but your bikes and skating always got me hyped @4q69 πŸ‘
4q69 1399353914
@borntolurkftw right on man, congratulations. That's good riding up there. Thanks a lot.
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@jasonstryker @wallingspencer @j_pacheco summer is coming
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@max @ajbrohr
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