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Brenna Ehrlich
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joeandspenceman 1325978064
Will do
malbanese 1326048830
Interesting. Make sure to blast the link out when the story is up
melonolson 1326730268
interesting.... actually... me and this girl from Israel started talking and becoming really close... i know this isn't where to go into things. but i live in the states and we have been talking, sharing videos and pictures, and skyping to stay connected. started talking due to interests of photos and cute smiles ha
brennaehrlich 1326730751
Ha, nice!
melonolson 1326737621
@brennaehrlich how come you are interested? if you would like i could still email you, ha
brennaehrlich 1326738923
@melonolson it was for my CNN column. It already came out, though!
melonolson 1326743996
lame sauce. all well =] maybe if we get married.... hahaha who knows. thought it was an awesome post to find ha
brennaehrlich 1326745368
Lemme know if you get married! Totally scoop that shit
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