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Stefan Janoski

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@asphaltyachtclub in NY miss ya @killerpizza @steviewilliams @rileyhawk @ben_nordberg @blakecarpenter @dwrexx @nyjah_huston @ Kareem

slj1000 Instagram profile picture
Stefan Janoski
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dalian_moya 1376675379
@slj1000 hey man happened to Justin figeroa ?
jeffreyhenao22 1376681662
I'm so sorry to say but I don't think asphalts not ganna be as popular by people or skaters like huf and others the shirts just don't look good
jahdinbrahby 1376681952
@jeffreysinstagram you know I'm sure they really value your opinion, and based on that I heard they're shutting it down actually.
_ben_666_ 1376682359
Where's @killerpizza ?!?! There should be a guy like three feet taller than everyone in that photo what happened?! @slj1000
threesquaresstudio 1376686651
maxthelaw 1376708814
He hurt his ankle wasn't at the signing @benbullsyrjala
_ben_666_ 1376709078
@maxthelaw oh alright
danborghini_ 1376709743
Karim is the nastys little ripper @slj1000
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