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Ryan Clements

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I have been awarded a lot of amazing opportunities this year, but this one takes the cake. I rode in this seaplane from Seattle to Lopez Island, and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. It's all for #theretreat2013, and I'm so stoked to be here. Thanks for including me @jutang28.

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Ryan Clements
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jpgarciask8er 1376629306
Was landing sketchy?
brettstar1 1376664760
So mad I'm going to Portland for a wedding this weekend wish I could be there to chill with you guys. #seattlelife #microbrews #skateboardingforlife
rtclem 1376665627
Life goal: Ride Street Glide to Alaska. Meet @rothdigga there.
rtclem 1376665673
Hey @bsnyderii! If I have time on Sunday when I get back there before my flight, will do.
rtclem 1376665704
It really wasn't sketchy at all @jpgarciask8er. It was rather fun.
jpgarciask8er 1376665721
rtclem 1376665741
Would have been great to see you @brettstar1.
bsnyderii 1376669472
Sounds like a plan @rtclem! Have fun at #theretreat. Should be an awesome weekend.
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