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Ryan Clements

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This was from last week when @meronek and I were leaving @woodwardcamp. I didn't want to go, but I missed my girls. I'm already on another trip with @porpe. It was so hard to leave the house this morning at 5am with a crying #babysloane. My wonderful wife @jennaclements of course was tending to her every need.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1376595948
Well I hope our paths cross sooner than later @hntr_1, but believe me I get it.
cornerchic 1376596572
I know you weren't complaining! Seriously, it must be hard to leave them so much--is there an end in sight to the traveling for awhile? Btw, SJIslands are on my bucket list. I've wanted to go camping there for years. Pictures, please!
jenn7clem 1376596757
You have an amazing woman @rtclem @jennaclements ✌❤🙌
rtclem 1376598407
Yep @cornerchic...October slows down. I'm pretty psyched to be going to Lopez Is. Waiting on a seaplane right now!
rtclem 1376598431
I know @clemjenn. I try not to take it for granted!
jenn7clem 1376599258
You guys have a beautiful love❤✌
jennaclements 1376601790
Thanks @clemjenn 😍😘
madewithaloe 1376621950
We missed u @rtclem by a couple of days ... or maybe even hrs @woodwardcamp . So rad to see you makin it happen for skating. Take care of that lovely family.
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