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I remember hanging out with Prince when I used to skate oside park all the time. When I first met him he wasn't really down for me (thought I was somewhat of a nerd) which I don't blame him because I was and still am. I remember being jealous of him, he just didn't give a fuck and killed it everytime he stepped on a skateboard. As we got older he became one of my best friends I admired him and respected him. (Still baffled of how awesome and metal he really was) as he got older I didn't get the honor of seeing him as much but no matter how far apart we were. Everytime I saw him he was the exact same Prince I knew from when we were kids. This photo was posted along time ago but the caption says it all. Sorry for the long speech. Love and miss you forever Prince #princeforever

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I love all my brothers!
juiceboards1502016 1376556393
He was the 1st Oside dude that I became homies with , u him n @jmaine1_yall were all lil asylum shits back then and I knew I were all going to be runnin shit in Oside very soon and I was right ! Fukin Eggo Mobb / NSK Micheal Muthafukin Prince 4life !
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