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John Rattray

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The good old days, before energy got all corporate. Repost from @sidewalkmag

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John Rattray
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stevesmithsays 1376505650
So it's alright to use products that are "corporate" only when you're not skateboarding? So you only drink Gatorade when you're running? I'm not about big names coming in and ruining skateboarding either. New Balance is out of black box, and ran by people who skateboard. Not what I would define as corporate. I'd back NB before Nike or even DC for that matter. Be lame and give John Rattray a hard time, I just think that's lame. @hobohogan
derekemery 1376507494
@ratt_ray nice work. Thumbs up. Eff the bums who can't see the comedy in a post. Cheers
hobohogan 1376511779
I like Lakai because I know @scoochyj designs the shoes and I know my money is going to @girlskateboards (Rick Howard) there's no mystery or distribution loop holes.
nathanhealey 1376521310
@hobohogan @stevesmithsays the whole don't let the corporate dollar ruin skateboarding conversation is so boring. Skateboarding is supposed to be about yourself as an individual enjoying something on your own terms. Stop trying to place a bunch of rules on it. If someone is skating then that's rad, I'd prefer that they support a core skate company but if they don't then that's their choice. Stop worrying about what someone else is wearing and go skateboarding.
stevesmithsays 1376523384
Exactly. At the end of the day, people are all skateboarding, and that's what matters. Sure some of these brands can be cheesey, or potentially ruin it, but I'm not a skate shop owner, nor do I work for a skateboard company, so I try not to pay attention. I just hate the "this is corporate, wah wah" subject everyone seems to be stuck on all of a sudden. It's always been there and always will be. My point was simply that, kids love to talk about what's corporate and what's core, while they don't work a day in their lives and give people like John Rattray a hard time for having a job. Good words dude. I don't usually get down on IG comments, this just pissed me off. @nathanhealey
pivotalconcrete 1376526748
This is corporate wah wah
thekitdillon 1376550364
Good to know the Corporatism v core-brands is still a thing...here I thought the last 23 years actually happened.
ratt_ray 1376616553
Wow, amazing what a post inspired by Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator can do. As for all that footwear stuff all I'd say is that people are free to make whatever they want, people are free to buy whatever they want, I have bills I can barely pay and I'm stoked to be able to help the crew at NB get a chance to make a go of it in the skate game. All the best to everyone. @hobohogan @stevesmithsays @nathanhealey
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