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Ryan Clements

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This is the scene just outside of @woodwardcamp in PA. A lot of Amish reside there. They live interesting lives. No cars. No computers. No Insta! Amish people are very self sufficient. That home in the background was probably built by several members of their community helping each other out.

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Ryan Clements
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mazzuted 1376451869
You know how you see something.... Then you see it again... This is a rad shot @rtclem
captkeystone 1376455586
@rtclem Not an Amish home, exposed insulation. Just the road to Woodward!
edselego 1376455951
Hey you should check out Intercourse, Pa.. Not to far from there. Lol @rtclem
rtclem 1376478602
Too funny @kellykagy!
rtclem 1376478622
Thanks @mazzuted!
rtclem 1376478640
Oh, really @matthewjudebrennan? Didn't realize that.
rtclem 1376478661
I've driven through Intercourse @edselego. Haha.
stilettosixx 1376492784
They tend to be the owners of puppy mills. I can't count the number of puppy mills closed that were owned by the Amish. Jerks. Oh and there is a ton of them on Sarasota.
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