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Ryan Clements

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It's been a month since I've been home on a Saturday night. About to have a solo session on a new deck, unless @porpe rolls over. Thanks @professorschmitt for the @owlcat @welcomeskateboards and @mobgrip for taking care of me.

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Ryan Clements
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firdaz86 1376176466
@rtclem Have fun! ✌
d1medina 1376176846
@rtclem you set up the butter bench yet
daviddddw 1376177090
I got a date with that driveway tomorrow
rodent516 1376177745
tuliooliveira 1376177777
@rtclem That's your driveway? I am in Orlando until August 20th ! Lets skate sometime soon bud.
tomatobrains 1376179270
@rtclem riding that exact board now, down to the blue stain, your gonna love it!
mikewolf333 1376181934
So good
jesssssssica 1376245151
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