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I asked Chet for a switch hardflip and got the double flip instead. Happy Birthday @friendsofchet

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Don Brown
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patlawlor 1376172049
@friendsofchet happy birthday bud! Let's go golf soon.
desiree_astorga 1376179558
👍Happy bday Chet love the dbl flip @friendsofchet
insta_lopes 1376197957
Are you still hung over @don_brown cuz I waz until 5 today #3dayhangover
don_brown 1376202407
Yesterday was rough @insta_lopes !!
goldieheadlocks 1376286815
Blame it on the French. They used to cut the Brit archers middle fingers during the hundred years war because they were better than us at throwing arrows... So to tease them, Brits use to flip the bird at them (with 2 fingers). Before they were caught, that is...
don_brown 1376288042
You're good @goldieheadlocks I'm a Brit so knew but most wouldn't!
goldieheadlocks 1376289654
Thanks! but I'm just French. I don't cut fingers though.
philkaiolohiaoyao 1377233948
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