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@marcbeauty nail polish in Lola. Love the glossy finish! #marcbeauty #marcjacobsbeauty #beauty #bblogger #nailpolish #notd

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wendyg_nyc 1376176749
Chanel hasn't changed their nail polish bottle design in over a decade. I prefer YSL's top, as it's, again, more substantial. It's just fun to compare and contrast new and older brands. I'm very excited to get these in my hands! @dialucic πŸ’„πŸ’…
wendyg_nyc 1376176815
How is the staying power of the polish this far? Any chips? #jealous #hatewaiting
dluu4 1376176919
@wendygsully how important packaging design can be! From fragrance bottles to make up πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Šmy fav is nars and yes ysl πŸ‘
wendyg_nyc 1376177188
Love the feel of NARS compacts. The smooth, almost suede texture is unique and substantial. I love NARS, and @lenamonster has helped me determine which shades of lippies work on redheads. 😘 YSL has done packaging right, and I'm disappointed in Chanel. For example, compare a Chanel lipstick case to a YSL one. Night and day. #designnerd
wendyg_nyc 1376177204
@dialucic πŸ‘†
dluu4 1376178568
@wendygsully chanel is afraid of change. I think their purses are timeless but the makeup needs an update!! πŸ’‘
wendyg_nyc 1376179085
Agreed. I still love Chanel polish though, but I loathe the packaging. @dialucic
josanefugi 1376398686
πŸ’œ Awesome πŸ’œ I need this πŸ‘πŸ‘
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