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Jefferson Pang

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The one after the surgery and my beautiful wife @tamamara is taking great care of me. Thank you my love!

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Jefferson Pang
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melstones 1376212113
Wives are good like that! Get better fast ☺
clark_x 1376221494
Hospital outfit suits you ;-) Best of luck to you, get well soon!
junesworld718 1376241496
Feel better jeff
evanslist 1376422295
@jeffersonpang had the exact same surgery 7 months ago... Get going with Physio as soon as you can - I'm still going for it
thewastedtalent 1376445147
@jeffersonpang feel better bro... Seriously... Get well, you're one of the few that I look up to that have navigated this thing we call and life and skate and made a life in it, nothing but the utmost respect for you as a skater, a father, and a bro... We don't speak much, but I like to thing we understand and see shit differently than most... Get well bro!
jeffersonpang 1376445321
Thank Peter @thewastedtalent
rayllanos 1377436037
Hope you're all is going well @jeffersonpang . And that I'll see you today. Godspeed on the recovery.
myworldizblue 1396402726
Bring the Pang!
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