Photo from mccranker

@nicosauceda made an awesome painting of yours truly from @machotaildrop πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ¨

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scottyscragg 1376124880
This is on my short list of favourite skate photos of all time. I'm no one of consequence but still...
jarrodpimental 1376139497
And @ratt_ray in the background
stoverca 1376167254
throatpunching 1378248933
mancubs 1385458350
Still stoked on #menikmati your part on the secret snow kickers is still a part of the reason I skate. Thank you for the foundation
elliotmurphy 1390552768
chazfarts 1415737136
Machotaildrop was a sick movie you killed it!
kuh.kyle 1415759418
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