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Max Schaaf

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Tonight in SF @boxesofdeath4 I painted this thinga ma jig. Battled with a severe case of solvent pop.... So I blew a small amount of #cocaine all over the clear. Painting in wood did not give me wood. Fun experiments with chemicals though. Go and check out @jason_atr and @sicknimich theirs are really c👀l. #smokeacid #cheeseandcrackers #imwearingaberet #purplepain #4qpaint

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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4q69 1376620357
@rollriver yes mam!
dayzze 1376622149
Ditto @devillier #nailedit
lsdchoppers 1384372149
Almost grab'd this thing didn't realize the attracted the form to pay for it by the time i did it sold.. I'am an Idiot
chiefshootingstar 1388977431
davidfloresart 1392954880
damn that's nice max
coleprentice 1396743579
A true guru @splaner
4q69 1428631780
@nettyliscious never looked at it that way..... But if say hell has more real estate. 😁
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