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Glasses courtesy of Bonlook. I definitely recommend them. 😊 #bonlook #happyface #newglasses #meinmybeatlesshirt

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ingridcarolinaaaa 1375899295
@rakib2030 oooooh, makes sense now lol but these are from bonlook 😝
goldenbrownxo 1375917014
@_ingyy are you kidding me smh that's why they're all idiots there!! The very last time I went this girl opened the firing room door on me I was in my bra and panties I was so pissed cause she didn't even knock! Then she had the nerve to laugh and tell 3 other chicks. I freaking called corporate on her. .. like who does that you know. Eve since then I online shop and if it's not right I return to the store and just online shop again
ingridcarolinaaaa 1375979540
@goldenbrown91 damn, I would have been pissed too. That store is going down. It's not the same, the managers don't even care, they're just busy trying to get girls instead of creating a good work environment. It sucks that that happened to you :/
latoyal8 1377583716
Mooodel #justsayin #willforeverjustsayit #loveyou
ingridcarolinaaaa 1377602530
@latoyal8 LOL! Oh gosh, just give it a rest Toya, it ain't happening lol but thanks, you're my numba 1 fan 😝😘😂👭
latoyal8 1377617427
Its gona happen lol
latoyal8 1377617440
U sittin on money girl lol
ingridcarolinaaaa 1377627527
Doubt it. Already tried and I lost $100. Not doing that again.
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