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Ryan Clements

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During #xgames Munich I got to visit a former Nazi training camp that might soon become a Woodward. This ominous eagle I'm standing under used to have a swastika in the circle, but it was chiseled out after WWII. Thanks @nealhendrix for taking me, @porpe, @paulzitzer, and the rest of the crew there.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1375882501
Wow. Gnarly @sturgillstilltalkin4real.
rtclem 1375882533
I never thought history was tight until I was out of school @mannyrodriguez1!
rtclem 1375882564
Thanks so much @joshuarayburn. I appreciate the thought and kind words.
spinstagramog 1375885674
Whoa! Must have been spooky?
scottyb813 1375935552
@rtclem stokes that that place will have a new beginning!
rtclem 1375972279
It was more fascinating than spooky @spinstagramog.
rtclem 1375972322
Euro family trip @satansrune813! And you still need to look at those damn shoes!
scottyb813 1375980156
@rtclem im down and haha sunday
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