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Skate Mental™

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Skate Mental™
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servant_footwear 1375827910
IKEA graphic rocks!
dontae_smith 1375828273
Where are you skating?
martin_26_m 1375830010
@frogsaysweedpoop @aaronbernards crailtap was doing their stuff in China, with the exception of team riders, which were being done elsewhere(professor Schmidt, I think.. Can't remember).
sparrowsk8s 1375839120
#psyched on the new project
aaronbernards 1376097527
@cooluncleorjetpack I would much appreciate it if you didn't. I'm not a homosexual as you seem to come off as, taking to consideration that you deliberately (via) yelled at me, as I quote; "FUCK YOUR FACE...". To end this dear Instagram reply, know that you are, indeed as most would consider - a fucking scum bag. Good day, sir.
pinkrangerovers 1376097832
@aaronbernards I'd wish you a good day as well but it seems that you took some time for this rebuttal, so I will honor it by saying that I take back that part about you getting your face "fucked" (which was an OG skate mental graphic) but the kook statement still stands.
fernayy_27 1377131458
When are the 3D boards coming out... What day of this week? @skate_mental
droseph.jr 1377140117
Do you sponsor. @skate_mental
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