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Bryan Herman

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I'm packing boxes @happyhourshades get your orders in now online at www.happyhourshades.com #whatsyourhappyhour

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Bryan Herman
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Oh whoops it's Heyl, yea your right @rodehousehouserode it says that braydon, spanky and Leno are off it sucks
bg_dwnh 1375486398
Just bought a pair hope I get one fools @bherman @flipnasty @happyhourshades
srverdier 1375487317
πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ HAPPY
elnordkild 1375487880
Just bought a pair picadillys, do something crazy @bherman im from denmark
louissharkeyy 1375487939
Just bought a pair. Anything to be like the best skater in the world haha @bherman
rude_rob_og 1375490494
@bherman sign my shit dawg!! Provost shades man. Baker b
viniciusdn 1375493417
I need alot of those !!!!
rowl3y66 1375537737
Got my figgys in the mail 2 days ago!! Best shades iv ever owned @happyhourshades
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