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With Steve Steadham and Eric J, at Bobby G skate camp, Fresno California, 1988. (I'm in the blue). Taken from the group picture. #stevesteadham #bonesbrigade #ericj #antihero #powellperalta #danmacfarlane #skatecamp #skateboarding #bobbygskatecamp #1988

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Dan MacFarlane
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mikellwebb 1375734236
Ha! There was a skate camp here in Fresno? Sweet I live here in Fresno. Rad!
pattimcgee 1376887131
danmacfarlane 1377014887
@mikellwebb yes, it was at the university. It was amazing! Bill Danforth, Steve Steadham, Alan Petersen, Steve Schneer and more were there! Best camp and instruction at the time. If you go to Facebook.com/MacFarlaneDan where the camp pictures are posted, you can read detailed stories about it from The owner Bobby Goodsby, Tom Knox, and others.
danmacfarlane 1377014934
@pattimcgee thanks! It was awesome for sure!
juiceboards1502016 1379274194
LOL hahahahaaah Bobby G , I almost forgot about that dude ! To many good stories from the SDSU bobby G camp fashow !!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
danmacfarlane 1379274963
@dajuicemayne I bet. This one was in Fresno 1 year before SDSU. It was super fun
pros_vs_cons 1421203052
Hey @danmacfarlane could you DM me a pic of that whole group. That dude I went that year/week and the next year at San Diego State University sitting next to Steadham was that funny Jeff Spicoli type dude that wore the neon colored sunscreen. I lost my photos from good ol' bobby G Skatecamp. I went to Visalia my 3rd summer and hated it.
danmacfarlane 1421213892
@pros_vs_cons what's your email? Or of you're on Facebook message me at Facebook.com/MacFarlaneDan
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