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So happy to be spending time with these amazing people! @artofoto @ratt_ray #nbvancouver

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keithvonkicks 1375337683
@nealmims 6th grade me would be shitting his pants right now lol although I'm still hyped! Great to hear my childhood heroes are still doin it. Stay up brotha!
tomkarangelov 1375340232
So sick!
m4rny10 1375341798
Hey @mccranker were u hangin with @willaaaahh too?
mccranker 1375342447
@m4rny10 not today, saw her last night at el caminos though.
hinesbeans 1375343895
#legends (much like yourself 😉)
lalotuts 1375344794
Id love to meet any of you fine people! Will you guys be at antisocial some time this week?! @mccranker
m4rny10 1375351375
@mccranker oh cool! She's an awesome girl! Hey when might u be coming back to Australia? Anytime in the near future?
ivoralistair 1375734143
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