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Shane Oneill

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Having a good time skating these sick contest courses and still getting to film for chronicles, stoked! Nollie heel 📷 @danabadi

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Shane Oneill
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welldoneconnor 1375577671
You have the best style out of any skater by far! @shanejoneill
macdoofuss 1375631068
Shane for the last year or two I've watched almost every street league of you, every footy known to man and your my inspiration. Your the reason I get up In morning and shred, your a reason I push everyday to skate, your my inspiration, to hopefully one day be as good as you which won't happen but a person can dream right and you'll always be my inspiration
tibisz 1376189645
Shane what you think about your fans of brazil ? Or for us " nuggter's " hahahaha
luca_mr._osso 1376853671
jshatzky 1377260815
same @brandonmacduffee i agree
kyle_b_clark 1377788153
I have that board you're using
joelalvarez713 1378604634
Nice shot hope to see you again next year buddy
lvl9house 1400217853
Did you learn heelflips before kickflips?
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