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A while back I had this idea for us at SPoT to start writing random notes and drawings for online customers on their boxes since we had a few people on staff that could do some amazing drawings. It caught on pretty well with Casey and Bobby (now FSEC) doing that. Today was my last day at SPoT so I drew my own on someone's box. No job + baby on the way = I'll figure it out. I have no resume either. Hopefully won't need one because I'll make up my own job again. We'll see. I want to go on and solve the skateboarding industry's data problems as one thing and continue to do super fun and legit events as another. Good luck to everyone back at the Park. See ya'll around. For me, it's 2013 'till Infinity.

meronek Instagram profile picture
Rob Meronek
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jenn7clem 1375309048
brkwsr 1375311222
You are the man, Rob! #alwayskillinit
madewithaloe 1375330478
You will be missed!!! The baby will guide you, Jedi @meronek
meronek 1375364077
Thanks @brkwsr !
meronek 1375364106
@skateboardingaustralia yes let's talk again soon!
meronek 1375364135
Thanks @clemjenn and @madewithaloe
nohelyespinosa 1383094884
Damn you were a great, genuine person! I know you'll do great things! Keep your head upppp Rob!
meronek 1383184536
Thanks @__nolee see you around out there!
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