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Max Schaaf

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Found this old photo Cardiel today, ripped out of a skate magazine cause it seemed to be the only image that mattered at the time. Long ago at fort Miley S.F. One of those photos that the more you look the crazier it's gets. Not sure who took it? Tobin? Gabe? Going skating tonight and this photos is making me count down the minutes. #johncardiel a hero and homeboy nothing but love. #allhailcardiel @_breakfree_

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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@jose_de_palmero I need like a foot more of pop
thejuanisee 1414512346
We suck, wow @mgamez @paulowasthere @flipsagram @abethel
chillen_ona_beach 1414515199
andy_guinness 1424457095
Yes @g.law
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@e0tis 🔥
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