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It's the day before my last day at @spottampa and I'm in training mode showing everyone how to do everything from post photos and articles to running a contest to managing inventory and other bid'niss stuff. Looks like they got it down just fine. Carry on Innetech.

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Rob Meronek
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meronek 1375224297
Me too @mochelife
meronek 1375224313
Thanks @frankbranca
meronek 1375224320
Thanks @mannyrodriguez1
meronek 1375224347
@yeajonmann skateboarding has has uniforms since 1987
meronek 1375224391
@wit_e I will lay down on the ground with my mouth open and catch the OE you're outing out
leah_mc_ 1375225548
Well good luck to you, I know they'll miss your crazy ass over there @meronek
griffinsmelser 1375226816
hahaha 😭 @leptha
terikamaru 1375240427
Hahahah they look confused!!!
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