Photo from anthony_schultz

Prince you are a legend. I can't believe this happened. Love and miss you forever KRUE! #michaelprinceforever #bu #egomob #nskrue

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ogcullen 1375139098
dannylags 1375139499
Sorry for your loss
wildjita 1375140082
Sooty to hear that man. We're gonna miss that legand!!
comfortablyscum 1375140858
So fucked
kush_or_die 1375216236
I'm bummed used to ride bikes with prince befor he was prince
anthony_schultz 1375220146
toshscorner 1375237016
@anthony_schultz can you send me a copy of that pic of us behind adio?
toshscorner 1375237028
Ps miss yah bud.
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