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Ryan Clements

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Had a great time announcing the Van Doren Invitational Qualifiers today with @paulzitzer. Live webcast tomorrow at 1pm PST at usopenofsurfing.com/live for the Semis and Finals. @jutang28 and @gashuffer BGP's.

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Ryan Clements
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paulzitzer 1374991430
Thanks and great working with you @rtclem...btw @kyleberard you're only half right.
gashuffer 1375014463
@paulzitzer I take this shit serious bro. FUCK YEAH HB!!!!!! Photo cred @milliganfm
rtclem 1375026740
Hey @kyleberard, @paulzitzer owns chickens and recently had bed bugs...and lives in Kentucky. Who's more white trash?
paulzitzer 1375029051
Ooooooowwwwwch! You win this round @rtclem @kyleberard
kyleberard 1375031116
Haha. Nice. @paulzitzer @rtclem
rtclem 1375109306
jennaclements 1375109415
It's ok @paulzitzer you can still stay at our house anytime :-)
paulzitzer 1375134570
Thank you @jennaclements. I'll try to leave the bed bugs at home.
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