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@seanmalto this gap is far! #universitat #clintandwiegerandmaltoseuropeanvacation

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jesusjoose 1374874307
@stroka_vagenius @lowwlife
meesotfprincen 1374874390
alaweetie 1374876924
@wiegervw where you guys skating tomorrow? I've just moved here and I'm keen to shred, clearly nowhere near as much shredding as you guys could do though.
sleepinginclass 1374879546
@jesusjoose @lowwlife queers 🐛🐝
stroka_vagenius 1374880212
@jesusjoose boardslide big spin out at 4:30 in the morning solo mission drunk off cao-cao lat.
dannywainwright 1374884834
@wiegervw damn!! Didn't @keith_hufnagel do it to lipslide yonks ago?
wiegervw 1374968000
I think he did, gnarly! @dannywainwright
kasperkaspernymark 1379189747
I have been on this spot!
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