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I thought this man had a great New Hampshire profile. Can you guess which Republican candidate he supports? (John W. Poole / NPR)

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npr 1325720628
Those are all good guesses. Especially William McKinley. But the answer is ... Rick Santorum.
kross 1325724218
All I know this is a great shot
jasongoforth 1325787233
@daphadil hmm, ok uhm anything else since you are so full of wisdom?
daphadil 1325799640
@jasongoforth just use your common sense before complaining. still following @NPR i see, hope you've changed your mind about politics!
karrasm 1325904969
I don't care
mirilaina 1326217378
syncopated_rockshop 1328829069
Great picture!
nipsy_muscle 1386423227
So what was the answer?
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