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The high price of function. If you ever want to test a friendship go through a difficult time and see who sticks through it with you... Lil Sara and her man have been my friends for almost a decade now. First time I saw them they rode into a bike show and I thought "Fuck, how rad, a young couple out together on their choppers" no clue we would become friends. Though it's become so fashionable, Lil Sara just had it years ago... She rides this thing wide open, and has the scars on her chin to prove it. She also caved in my peacock paint job on that slam. Some things are forced and some just happen. #notoninstagram #triumph #leftfootkick #broskis #tobysara

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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muddthorpe 1422799352
Tell her i have a signed SOA shirt for her in a 4T
muddthorpe 1422799422
Is tobys shovel running now. Drag em down for bf?
ernestgoesviral 1429415046
Hi max love your work , I absolutely love lil Sara's bobber could you tell me more about her motorcycle, as I'm wanting the same looking bike. My email is rockersdub@live.com ,greetings from Australia.
4q69 1431838656
@streethassle67 I just painted it. Her BF built it. It's a hardtailed trophy 500.
Thank you max, awsome motorcycle, great work on the paint job mate. Rock on from down under
_andirahman_ 1434934062
what her account?
fraze75 1439168895
Kool love ya work max
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