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@davidloy catching air off this waterslide jump on the top of Vernon Falls

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ethanloy 1374468772
😁😁 @julieemariieee
braxtonotxarb 1374468899
Do half dome!
ethanloy 1374470577
My oldest brother has done it, it's gnarly. Have you ever done it? @braxtonotxarb
braxtonotxarb 1374470651
Yeah ive done it! So tight
ethanloy 1374472143
You camp up there? @braxtonotxarb
braxtonotxarb 1374473606
We camped at the base then hiked up and down the dome the next day then camped at the base again it was 4 days and 3 nights. I used to be in boy Scouts haha
ethanloy 1374473865
Hahaha tight @braxtonotxarb
kacamposf 1374497296
Beautiful place!!!!!
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