Photo from oliver54

Follow my friend @cailaburke #sorryforparting best time ever !

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sailorjamie 1374355779
n1n.ja 1374356848
Omg a shoutout?
jackie_cooper_ 1374358513
shredla 1374359478
@Cailaburke went ham on the shots?
cailaburke 1374360221
@oliver54 where's ninjas shout out? @ninja_nemesis_victoria
n1n.ja 1374361253
Lop ina shout out oliver one day (even though I already did for my Burnside post.. thanks for the lookout oliver!)
n1n.ja 1374361271
*lol ima shout out
dashawnjordan 1374361470
@oliver54 @cailaburke i remmember her shes super chill
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